Embedded AI and IoT Lab

Our Openings

Our Research Projects

Edge AI

  • Real-time Deep Learning
  • Edge AutoML

Smart Mobile Health Systems

  • Federated Learning
  • Rhythm monitoring and regulation
  • Integrated mobile sensing and motivational feedback for family and community wellness
  • Unobtrusive sleep quality profiling

Smart City Systems

  • Smart Roadside Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Assisted Autonomous Driving

Cyber-physical Systems

  • Real-time 4D volcano tomography
  • Robotic sensor systems for aquatic monitoring
  • Data center thermal/energy management
  • Networked Vehicular Systems: Driver Sensing and Wireless Networking
  • CPS platforms and performance control frameworks

Wireless systems

  • Power Consumption of NB-IoT in the Wild
  • Wireless Coexistence in Open Radio Spectrum: Curses and Blessings


Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Bldg, CUHK, Shatin, Hong Kong